Thursday 26 February 2009

Die Fledermaus auditions

We announced our auditions for Fledermaus today. Tuesday 10th March 2009. All roles to be cast. Quite a daunting prospect as I am a singer myself and am not overly fond of the audition process but until somebody comes up with a better way to choose a cast we are stuck with it. More info can be found here:

Looking forward to seeing this develop. It is always a journey...never the same as the last.
James x

Friday 20 February 2009

Fidelio triumphant 2

To date LLO have produced Passion of Puccini at Leighton House in June 08, Cycles at Cadogan Hall in September 08, The flying Dutchman at the Barbican conducted by Lionel Friend with the RPO in November 08 and now Fidelio.

The hardest thing to adjust to is the period of quiet after each project. The amount of work to create such events is staggering but the actual concert is about 2-3 hours long. Moving forward is the answer so the preparations for Fledermaus have begun in earnest. Delighted to say that Amex Centurion card are using our June Fledermaus as an event for their card holders which is fabulous news for us. Violetta Tosic, LLO Company Manager ( actually she wears many more hats. PR, Event Mangager, Artistic Admin, Corporate Strategy etc.) and I had a meeting today with the Front of House Manager at Cadogan Hall, Walter Morrison and David Haigh, Assistant FOH to wrap up Fidelio and to discuss out plans for Fledermaus. This will be our 3rd event at Cadogan Hall and the assistance they provide is very hard to beat. I don't think we could do this without such solid support. The Amex event is going to be superb.

We received the pics from the Vernon Ellis event at 49 Queens Gate Terrace on the 12th Feb and I have posted a few here. Terrific night. Fabulous food from Baker and Spice and a lovely selection of fine wines, including a wine tasting, from Novum Wines capped it off. I think the blending of Music, Food and Wine was a real hit so we will definitely follow that format again. Look out for the Die Fledermaus event in June

Soloists Andrew Staples, Sarah Redgwick (who jumped in for Rachel Nicholls), Richard Wiegold, Nicky Spence, myself and the Philharmonia Chorus gave our audience a short sample of the opera with an incredibly concise explanation by Madeleine Lovell. Paul Webster played the Ellis' beautiful Steinway. Hazel Ellis hosted the evening and fortunately Vernon was able to come. I gave a rambling talk at the end but thankfully Martin MacConnell, Wardour's CEO gave a much more polished performance.

Thursday 19 February 2009

Fidelio triumphant

For my first attempt at a blog I couldn't think of a better way to begin but to thank the Cast who were galvanised by Elizabeth Connell's stunning Leonore,our wonderful guest Conductor, Madeleine Lovell; our first class orchestra the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Philharmonia Chorus and Queens' College Chapel Choir who gave such a brilliant performance on Tuesday night. We were all delighted to see such a fantastic audience. A full house is always inspiring for the performers so we all want to thank those who braved a cold Winters night to come to Cadogan Hall.

Illustration, Sam Weber;Design, Wardour

Reviews have started appearing and once again we are thrilled to see such positive comments from the press.

Full Company Bow - Fidelio ©

As I said I am new at this and will hopefully relax into the idea of sharing LLO's thoughts with the world.

Philharmonia Chorus & Queen's College Chapel Choir - Fidelio

Until my next post

James H